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What are Sport Card Breaks?

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What is a Break?

Several slots will be put up for sale and once sold, the pack/box/case will be ripped live on stream and whatever cards are pulled for your slot go to you. At M & K Collectibles, we open a variety of products and carry out regular breaks, release day breaks and free giveaways.

Types of breaks

We use one of two systems when breaking, PYT/PYP (pick your team/pick your player) or Random slots

Pick Your Team/Pick Your Player:

The total cost of the break is tiered in a way that represents the highest value teams/players being the most expensive and the teams with the least amount of hits being the cheapest.


For example, in Panini Prizm World Cup 2018, France would be the most expensive in a PYT break with that slot containing the much sought after Kylian Mbappe followed by Portugal and Argentina as they contain players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


Random Team Break:

The cost of the break is spread equally across all slots and then teams and the slot buyers names are put into and each team is randomly paired with a slot buyer.


For example if we were breaking EPL Panini Prizm and was using the random team format we would have 20 slots and each slot would cost the same amount regardless of who plays for what team.

Luck is involved in who you get but it gives you the opportunity to pick up great slots at che

What do we break?

We mainly break football (soccer) but we are looking to expand into breaking a variety of boxes that range from Formula 1, Soccer, and more over the coming year.

Where/When do we break?

We do all our breaks on the streaming site. Once on Twitch search for us: mnk_collectibles and you will be able to see our channel.  We will be doing regular breaks on the platform, streaming about 3-5 times a week.

Also if you are an Amazon Prime customer you can subscribe to our channel for free every month and be entered into the sub only giveaways at the end of every month!

How do I buy a spot in a break? 

You can use the Buy it Now option to buy a specific team/player if slots are availbe and this can be done as soon as they are listed on the website, Click Here.  If the break is a random team selection buy your slot, once all slots are sold during the live stream we will randomise the teams to see who gets which teams/player.

If a break is mainly sold but there are still spots available we will drop a filler for the reamining spots.

What is a Filler?

When a breaks spots have mainly sold but there are still spots available we will drop a filler.  This is where we take the value of all remaining spots and split it between 50-100 "Filler Spots", depending on the amount of spots remaining.  This way enables us to offer a chance at any remaining spots at a much cheaper price. That means that if there were 5 spots unsold totalling £100 we would offer 50 "Filler Spots" at £1.99.

Once all filler spots are sold all entries will be placed into a Duck race with the top places being rewarded with the break spots, as in the example above the first 5 ducks would be given the spots.

When are breaks listed?

Break will be listed up at regular intervals to maintain a decnt amount and also variety od breaks.  If there is a specific product or break you would like to be a part of please message and we will see what we can do about getting them live.

What is the difference between a Case, Multi-Box and Single-Box Break?

We like to cater for all budgets so will be breaking products in a variety of quantities.

Case Break -

A sealed from manufacturer case of product. This is often highlighted by the chance to find a “1 per case” hit.


Half Case Break - 

Same as above but only half of the case quantity. If a case contains 10 boxes we will be breaking 5 of those boxes. This gives us the ability to reduce the cost for each selection and also offer different types of breaks.

Multi-Box Break -

A set amount of boxes, often between 2 – 6. This gives a chance to have hits from across different products, and different seasons.


Single-Box Break –

This is a break consisting of one box.

What if i miss my break Live?

M & K Collectibles Breaks are live on Twitch and will also be available on VOD incase you miss the start or want to catch up on previous breaks. 


We will soon start to get the breaks edited and uploaded as indivudal breaks to YouTube incase you miss the break or want to rewatch

When will I receive my Cards?

We will ship all cards on a Thursday through Royal Mail Tracked when a request is received to ship, this can be found under the dropdown menu for Breaks. Cards will of course be well packaged to prevent any damage during transit. You will also be able to track the location of your cards as soon as they are shipped.

 U.K. Shipping -

All UK locations are fulfilled through Royal Mail Tracked 48 which will be at a reduced cost of £1.99 (usually £3.99), regardless of amount of cards.  This service can be upgraded for an additional fee of £1.99 to Royal Mail Tracked 24 (RM24) when requesting shipping. All orders are sent with tracking information as well.


 International Shipping -

International customers, once a shipping request is received we will calculate the best shipping price for you and this will be invoiced via email.  Once the invoice is paid the cards will be shipped as soon as possible.  If you have a prefered choice of courier to your country please let us know in the shipping request form.

What happens in the situation where two or more players feature on the same card? 

In regards to cards where it consists of two or more players, the card can either;


(a) Be randomised between all parties on the card e.g. a card featuring a Liverpool player and a Spurs player will be randomised between the two teams. A card featuring two Liverpool players and one Spurs player will be randomised with the Liverpool receiving two chances in the randomisation. In most cases, multi-player cards will apply to this rule.


(b) Parties will have to come to an agreement that works for everyone.

This rule will only be put into practice for high-end cards such as numbered cards and rare autograph cards. 
In this situation, if both parties decide to randomise, the card must go to randomiser and rule (a) will take place. 

What happens to "error" cards?

Sometimes cards come out of a box with a factory error. Usually this is a simple miscut or an error in colour however sometimes cards come out with different players on the card. Error cards will always go to the person who has the autograph on the front.

Will my cards be sleeved/Top Loaded

All parallel cards or "special" cards will be placed into a sleeve. Collectors often put the more desirable and higher valued “hits” inside Top Loaders, these will be used on cards deemed fit by the breaker.

If you would like to protect them further we do offer a range of Vault X products in our store.  Any cards gained can be added to these upon purchase of Vault X products or at an extra inidivdual charge.

Can I get a refund on my break which hasn't happened?

We will absolutely try our best to make this happen, however to make sure that you get a response as we do not constantly monitor our emails, we require notice of at least 24 hours before the scheduled break start time.

If you have have any questions/queries regarding breaks please contact us here and we will be happy to help

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